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11 Reasons Why You’ll Want To Live On A Budget Mar 29

By Debbie Dragon

To some people, budget is a 4-letter word! When used correctly, a budget is a tool that helps you know where you’re going and how you’re getting there financially. As our economy struggles, there has never been a better time to get your finances under control and work with a budget.

Most people have dreams or goals of things they’d like to have, places they’d like to go, bills they’d like to pay off… but the only way to ensure you realize those goals or see your dreams become reality is to have a plan and a way to measure your progress. How else will you know if you’re even moving in the right direction?

Here are 11 reasons why living on a budget makes sense- and how it can actually help you reach those dreams and goals that you’ve set for you and your family:

# A budget ensures there is actually money set aside for savings and investments, instead of ignoring them because you don’t have any money left at the end of the month to save!

# A budget will enable you to see if you are living within your means. Years ago, before credit cards became so commonly used, people would know whether or not they were living within their means because they either had money left over at the end of the month or they didn’t. Now that everyone uses credit cards regularly, it’s much more difficult to see where you stand financially.

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# Control your money instead of being controlled by your money.

# Have money available to handle emergencies and unanticipated expenses. Without a budget, most expenses could be considered ‘unexpected’ and since you don’t have the money to pay for them- they severely hurt you financially. A budget anticipates these expenses and you’ll have the money to take care of them as they happen.

# A budget that’s created realistically will result in cash that you can use on things you really want or need- instead of spending it here and there on things you don’t even remember buying at the end of the month.

# Reduce arguments about money with a budget. The budget serves as your guide to finances. If you and your partner are working on the budget together, it will reduce your arguments and allow you to work towards a common goal.

# Reduce stress and sleep better! Having a budget that you actually follow will eliminate unnecessary worrying over money and debt. You’ll know that everything is figured out and as long as you follow the budget you’ve created you’ll be able to make ends meet.

# Budgeting is the best way to find your way out of debt and to prevent falling into excessive debt.

# Having a budget will enable you to see areas that you are overspending so you can eliminate any unnecessary spending to concentrate on reaching your financial goals.

# Involving your children in the family budget planning will help teach them responsible financial habits. They’ll also understand more when you say there isn’t any money to buy every toy they see on the commercials!

# With a budget, you can allocate money for entertainment- which means you’ll know exactly how much you have to spend on the fun things you want to do and can plan for your entertainment activities. Use up the entertainment allowance on small things every week; or save the entertainment allowance for several weeks and splurge on something more costly!

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How To Make D I Y Greeting Cards Feb 01

Submitted by: Johnray Daniels

Greeting cards can be made more special and meaningful if you do these printed materials yourself. Your recipient will surely appreciate the work you exerted in making greeting cards. By keeping in mind design principles as well as using publishing techniques, you can create greeting cards that are as beautiful as store-bought ones.

Do-it-yourself greeting cards can be easy. In 30 minutes or so, you can finish a greeting card. Here is a step-by-step guide on making greeting cards on your own.

1. Choose the design software that you are good at.

Use design software that you are familiar with. For example, you can use Adobe InDesign, PageMaker, or Corel Draw. For beginners, there is always Microsoft Publisher which allows users to choose from a selection of pre-design templates. One can simply alter the design elements in place. Aside from Microsoft Publisher, one can make greeting cards using Hallmark Card Studio. Check this software choice and be acquainted with the processes involved.

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2. Decide on what format you are going to use.

The key in making greeting cards or any print material per se is to decide beforehand the format you want. You may want to make a greeting card that is folded on the top or on the side. Also, define what you want your card to convey. Do you want to convey humour or perhaps, be romantic? Have a definite idea on min before you even start working on your greeting cards, so that you can minimize delays or setbacks.

3. Create the greeting card document on your computer.

Once you have decided on how you want you greeting card to appear, set the measurements of your greeting card using your chosen design software. Make room for adjustments. You can always cut the excess parts once the greeting cards are printed. Consider what the additional parts you want to incorporate, too. For example, you may want to add embellishments, such as ribbons, so keep this item in mind when designing the cover.

4. Include design elements, such as images or patterns.

There are various ways on how you can make your greeting cards attention-grabbing. One is to put an image, a text, or a combination of these two design elements on the front. When using images though, make sure that the ones you have chosen are of high-resolution. Otherwise, your front cover may appear pixelated. You can also put illustrations or sketches and combine them with texts. Online, there are different design elements that you can download for free. Check for brushes or patterns that you can use on your greeting cards.

5. Never forget to print a sample of your greeting card.

Even if you are strapped for time, it pays to have print samples. Otherwise, you may have to deal with design errors which could be averted in the first place. Print a sample of your greeting card before producing it en masse. See if there are errors in the design as well as inconsistency when it comes to print quality.

When making your own greeting cards, it pays to have fun in the process. Nothing beats a set of greeting cards that were created from scratch. While on the design process, always maximize your creativity as well as imagination. In the end, you will be surprised at your creative outputs.

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Deciding On A Diamond With 4 Cs Jan 31

Submitted by: Fallon Rubow

Diamonds women ideal friend! Why do women adore diamonds? Why are they so precious? Is it as a result of their elegance and exquisiteness? Speak about purchasing. Buying a diamond can check the nerves of even by far the most astute purchaser – what do you search for? What do the terms necessarily mean? What helps make one particular diamond well worth more than another?

After you get within the diamond search and attempt to buy a person, but tend not to know what the diverse in between this a person and that one particular. Although those two have the exact same sizing and carat, the worth is usually totally unique. Why? Right here is actually a straightforward manual for the essentials of diamond grading.

Understanding these phrases will allow you to discuss together with the seller the features most important for you, ensuring you get the quite best diamond in your income. Diamond appraisers look for 4 features in the diamond when discerning its benefit. Generally known as the ‘4 Cs’ they may be: Cut, Clarity, Carat and Coloring.


You will discover 2 large aspects of SLICE.

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1. Excellent of cut – affecting the brilliance in the diamond – the other refers towards the actual shape of your diamond.

two. Form – Diamonds are offered in many shapes. Some in the much more common are; round, oval, pear (teardrop shaped), center, princess (square shaped), Emerald (rectangular shaped), marquise (football shaped) and round. Of each of the shapes accessible, round diamonds are the shape most capable of currently being slice to exude the greatest brilliance. The brilliance is determined from the capacity of your diamond to reflect mild. A high quality cut diamond may have facets angled to reflect the greatest quantity of gentle. Beware of diamonds cut to take care of a greater carat fat while sacrificing the cutting of a fantastic angle as this can dramatically minimize the brilliance.


Diamonds from natural resources are subject to particular person flaws which includes trace minerals and scratches. A diamond without these types of characteristics is termed flawless and will be the rarest variety. Though these flaws are often not visible towards the naked eye, they affect the mild reflecting features with the diamond which impacts the general brilliance.

Diamond clarity is classified as follows: Flawless, IF, VVS1, VVS2, VS1, VS2, SI1, SI2, SI3, I1, I2 and I3.


Carat would be the measurement with the weight of a diamond. 1 carat might also be referred to as ‘a hundred points’. This implies that a half carat could be detailed as ’50 issues’ and so on.

The much larger a diamond is the more costly it turns into. Because the bigger diamonds are significantly rarer the price will go up drastically with just about every raise in sizing. A one carat diamond might be over just double the price of the 50 percent carat, nevertheless, a ring with numerous diamonds that employ a combined fat of one carat will probably be cheaper than a single stone of that excess weight.


You can find several diamond colors which called fancy diamonds. But the mostly identified diamonds will be rated on an alphabetical scale from D to Z. A typical ‘white’ diamond ought to be as colorless as possible – a rating of ‘D’ staying the rarest and most desirable. When selecting a colorless diamond it truly is ideal to stay inside the D-J range or the diamond can have a yellow cast which lessens the value. The much less healthy coloration the diamond has slightly more shades will appear inside the flashes reflected within the prism.

‘Fancy’ diamonds (diamonds having a rating around Z) can come in a very selection of shades and involve some popular diamonds including the Blue Hope diamond.

When decide to buy a diamond, satisfy remember of these 4 Cs like a component of buying consideration. It requires decades to gain a specialty in this spot. For that reason, a minimum of you ought to level out no matter whether which capabilities are of greatest value to you and which has a little information select the diamond that will hold the greatest benefit and sentiment on your budget.

About the Author: Walker is a former journalist and freelance writer of 18 years, a husband and father of two children, and lives on California where he leads a very simple life.Ricky Toney can be a writer who loves to discuss numerous subjects ranging from




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How To Drive Up Sales With Live Chat Software Jan 31

Submitted by: Alan Jones

If you are not looking to increase your customer service relations you might want to look into live chat software because the right type of live chat applications can also help you drive up your sales, which every business owner can agree is a positive result of any software purchase.

Ironically or perhaps luckily coincidental is the fact that driving up your sales is actually possible when you invest in live chat software because the live chat application can help you strengthen you customer relations which is the real reason that your sales will go us well.

This theory has held true, a few years ago when the internet was not in existence and general retail owners depended on their local people for income. Back then it was about networking based on who you were and the service you provided because if people liked you chances are they would head to your shop regardless of your prices. While today the competitive market has made pricing a large part of business, getting people to like you is still an instrumental part of increasing solid repetitive sales, which is where live chat software can really start to come into play.

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While you can follow this train of thought, the million dollar question is how you can use your live chat software to get people to like your business, make purchases, return later to make more purchases, and tell their friends about you? The simple answer is by providing top-notch service through your live chat application that other competitors cannot match because if you offer something unique outside of your prices and your products you will build trust and a reputation which is hard to beat out in any form of commerce.

You can easily build such a reputation if you use your live chat application correctly to reach out to customers instead of waiting for them to come to you with a question, this moves the live chat application past its simple status as a support tool and makes it a tool in which you can pursue sales. Many browsers are willing to make a purchase but simply need a little advice or pointed in the right direction, and while they may hesitate to ask for help, if you offer it free via the live chat software service then you can add a sale to your monthly figures.

Start to do this on a regular basis and you will see your sales numbers jump highly, after all, even if you only convinced one browser a day to make a sale that would add thirty sales onto your monthly figures which is a substantial sales increase allowing the live chat application to easily pay for the price attached to its live chat software download.

Consider adding an agent to man the live chat software constantly and you can see an even higher increase in sales result in the Live Chat Software paying for much more than just its own inclusion on your website.

The truth is that if you want to see your sales go up you have to return to business basics and offer your customers the support they need and the marketing that you need in order to push your products across the online forum. By installing a simple piece of software such as a live chat application you can get a vehicle that allows you to perform both of these tasks without a large investment attached to it along with a large potential for payout.

About the Author: Alan Jones currently manages the Marketing Operations of Web Site Chat (

), the developers of a State of the Art Live Help Chat Software


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How To Purchase A Gmc Truck Jan 30

Submitted by: Gregory Handerson

Whether you are a single owner operator, or someone in charge of a large fleet of vehicles, your most important asset to keep your company productive and growing is your truck. For this reason, many people have chosen GMC commercial trucks for their company. GMC’s dedication to rugged and durable vehicles has made them a sought after investment for anyone who wants to base their company on a dependable commercial vehicle. This article will answer the question of how to purchase a GMC truck at the lowest price possible, so that you know you are getting the most out of your fleet.

Use the Internet to Shop

The internet has opened up the world of buying and selling trucks because you are no longer captive to your local market conditions and available options. The first thing that you need to do when purchasing your truck is look online and see what vehicles are available for the type of work that you specialize in. This will allow you to begin researching what GMC trucks are selling for based on their available options and mileage, so that you get a good idea of what you will need for a vehicle loan and down payment.

YouTube Preview Image

Start Working with a Lender Early

After doing your research you are ready to speak with a local lender who specializes in small business and commercial truck loans. Don’t wait till the end to begin this process because there are many things that can come up when getting a loan and you don’t want to be surprised in the end. In addition, understanding your lending interest rate options will allow you to make a more informed purchase. Starting credit checks early and locking down financing will also give you time to correct any blemishes on your credit report and ensure that you get the lowest commercial truck interest rates possible.

Update Your Insurance Policies

Always review your current insurance costs when deciding to purchase a new GMC truck. There are many factors that come into play when it comes to commercial truck insurance, and you might find that a specific year of truck or the addition of a few options will lead to lower premiums. This can affect your truck buying decisions and any money saved will help you towards running a profitable business.

Take Action

As the buying process unfolds, you will stumble upon a great deal or two. Put your research and market knowledge to action by jumping on those deals as they become available. One of the most important reasons to use the internet in purchasing your next GMC truck is that it opens up the number of opportunities available to you. If you are not ready to act when those gems appear, then all of your research and preparation is worthless. Don’t hesitate when you know you have found a GMC vehicle that meets your needs and is priced to sell.

These are just a few tips on purchasing a commercial grade GMC truck. Do your research online, get your financing in order, and be ready to make a move when you find the right truck for you.

About the Author: Greg loves big powerful semi-trucks, the more powerful the better! In my spare time I like to write about automotive subjects.If you’re looking for great deals on

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Healthy Air Products Ltd Sells Envirotect Air Filtration System Jan 30

Healthy Air Products Ltd sells Envirotect Air Filtration System


Erwin Walker

There are times when the house is more polluted than the outside environment. Pollution in the house happens due to many reasons like cooking, smoking, fire place etc. Homes need to have clean and pure air to keep up good health for the ones who are living in it. The pollutant in the air causes allergies and respiratory problem among children and old people. There are certain microscopic pollutants which cannot be cleared with vacuum cleaners. Equipment like Envirotect Air Filtration System filters is one such device which cleans out microscopic pollutants up to 99.99%.

Healthy Air Products Ltd

supplies and distributes Envirotect Air Filtration System filters.

YouTube Preview Image

Envirotect bring healthy air products for your longer and healthier living. Envirotect is an indoor environment management system which helps in managing healthier air through an advanced five stage patented filtering system that exceeds HEPA filtration standards. The company has two ISO certifications for Quality in Manufacturing and Design of Environmental Systems for their product. Unhealthy and poor quality of air makes people sick and becomes the reason of missing school and work. The pollutants can be dust, insects, pollen, animal hair or dead skin which starts settling on sofas, carpets, mattresses, curtains etc. Not only does Envirotect not only provides good health to the family but even shows change in appearance of your furniture, curtains and carpet. They start looking brighter and fresher.

The team at Envirotect is dedicated to serve the customers as family. They believe in building relations by providing quality product for an enjoyable experience. The staff of Envirotect always welcome complains and concerns and immediately act to resolve the issue. They are all the time working on 100% customer satisfaction. In the market they are known for delivering the best after sales services. They commit to their customers to rectify the problem in maximum 72 hours. If they are unable to solve the problem in that time, they give a loaner unit until it is done.

For any further information or demonstrations on Envirotect Air Filtration System filters, you can contact

Healthy Air Products Ltd

. Find out more by browsing through


Erwin Walker is a professional writer and freelancer who love to write about various topics which attract his interest. He mainly spends his time on Wikipedia and other informative websites and actively participates in various Electrical forums and other communities. Nowadays, he s busy researching and writing on electronics.

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What You Need To Consider While Purchasing A Motorhome? Jan 30

Submitted by: Brianna Williams

Motorhomes are popular vacation vehicles offering luxurious, comfortable and healthy traveling experience on the long tours. Though, purchasing a used motorhome does not mean that you are compromising with the luxury and high quality features, you need to consider some points for getting the best.

Recreational vehicles, commonly known as motorhomes, have become the popular among Americans who love to travel. Providing homey facilities during the vacations, these vehicles are considered the second home on wheels. Nowadays, there are a growing number of people buying the motorhomes either for regular holidays or for a permanent home to live in. If you also have the same thought of living on the road in an RV and looking to buy it, there have been more than a few things to keep in mind to avail an optimal deal.

YouTube Preview Image

First of all, determine your needs to buy a motorhome. Make it clear that how many people would be staying with the unit and how much storage you need along with it. Apart from everyday requirements, consider the space for some sports equipment like fishing rods and bicycles etc. If you are purchasing the motorhome for your family to go on vacations, choose the one that has enough space to place large items like water tanks, bigger refrigerators and beds to sleep.

The second thing you need to consider is the amenities you want in your second home. Compare it with your home and find out the one that is missing. Check if the kitchen is functioning properly and if it is easy to use and clean. Make it sure that it has an extractor system so as to vent out the cooking smell. Apart from these features, You must look for the bathroom facilities as these are used commonly. Availability of Cable TV, Internet access, AC rooms, spacious toilets, electricity and some other basic things should also be considered before buying one to suit your purposes and needs.

Third one is the practical and environmental issue. Some motors are prepared well suited to camp out in woods while others have parts, systems and materials that make them perfect for dry and desert conditions. Take some time to consider what type of motorhome would best suit your needs. Your budget is also an important consideration that you can not leave behind while purchasing a motorhome. Make it clear that how much you could spend on your vehicle.

Apart from them, the fuel efficiency of the vehicle should also be considered. Go for a test drive so as to judge its functions and proficiency. One more important thing you need to check is the history of the vehicle. Make sure that the motorhome you are buying has no illegal case or any unpaid tax with it.

Bargaining or negotiating skills also have their own roles to get the best deal possible, especially if you are buying a used Motorhome. There are a number of models of motorhomes available for sale including Fiat, Ford, Peugot and Prevost Motorhomes for sale would be a better keyword to search online. There are some reputable online agencies which offer quality motorhomes at reasonable rates. Visit there sites and compare the features and prices, they are offering. This would help you to avail an optimal one matching your needs and budget perfectly.

About the Author: This article is written by an expert who is currently associated with RV Registry, an online place where you can purchase motorhomes for sale by owner. Website:


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Finding Truck Accessories That Meet Your Needs Jan 29

Finding Truck Accessories that meet your Needs


Lewis Foster

Did you know that 1 out of every 15 people in US, drive trucks! One of the most rewarding things of owning a truck is one can personalize it to meet their lifestyle and personality. Moreover, finding truck accessories is a cinch these days, as they are abundant and available readily online. However, you might spend hundreds of dollars on unwanted truck and chrome accessories and other type of gadgets that do very little to improve the appearance of your vehicle. So here are few valuable accessories that may meet your needs and it is a better way to make your truck look new and useful.

1. Truck Bed liners: They are well shielded coatings that carefully protect the truck s interior bed from any type of damage and also build up an anti-skid surface. This allows any type of cargo to stay intact. They help avoid any kind of expensive damage especially while transporting goods. The best choice would be to go for a spray on truck bed liner.

YouTube Preview Image

2. Nerf and Step Bars: Nerf and step bars are very useful add on for trucks just due to the reason they ensure exit and entry into a truck, making it a quick breeze. Most bars have improved traction add-ons to make sure your step down and up is perfect in any type of weather conditions.

3. Chrome Accessories: The old chevy of 1957 had load of chrome when compared to many modern trucks and cars to brighten up the ride. Chrome accessories add high sheen style and class to your vehicle. Moreover, you can now find such accessories that will never turn to yellow or even catch rust. It s time to dress up your vehicle with eye popping shine every inch.

Once you begin to add such accessories you\’ll find it hard to realize how you actually drove without them. The best way to successfully upgrade your vehicle is by carefully evaluating your requirements and step by step upgrade as and when your budget allows you to do so. Moreover, with the advent of e-commerce online stores it\’s now a simple and easy process to buy the right kind of accessories. You can easily search for them online and pick one that\’s your money\’s worth. Accessorizing your vehicle can be a fun thing to do, as it directly reflects your personality and taste. So make it a wise investment and buy safely online after extensive research.

Get top quality

truck accessories

and chrome accessories right here online at affordable prices.

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Veterinarian Lexington Ky Jan 29

Submitted by: Gregoriogl Best

For pet owners, cat flea intervention is just as important as keeping your dog flea-free. You can easily see fleas crawling on white cats but if your cat has dark fur you may not realise your feline has a flea problem .

Dogs will furiously rub at fleas and force your aid with their grunts and whimpers. Your big cat, on the other hand, appears to be dressing himself as usual and it may not be until you mark areas of thinning fur or lifted protuberances from seizes with teeth that you realise there is a problem.

Some big cats seem resistant to the flea activity in their fur. It’s not unusual to find one computed axial tomography in a house that has few, if any, fleas while it’s housemate of a different colouring material is being eaten live by the sponges . Though big cat owners may think their white hot and weak colourized cats are more prone to having fleas it’s more likely the fleas and their debris are easier to see in the fur of a pallid computed tomography .

Fleas threaten the health of a cat. veterinarian lexington ky When they seize with teeth they are drawing blood. A big cat with a large number of fleas can become anaemic and display picket, almost white gum trees. This is caused by blood loss and can be life threatening if not treated. For a little cat , a moderate flea population in his fur can lead to anemia. Fleas also transport other leeches such as tapeworm.

YouTube Preview Image

All fleas are not the same. There are five types of fleas that feed on blood and can be difficult to get rid of. There is a dog flea but the mutual flea we meet in the United States government is the cat flea that also can use domestic dogs (and peoples) as servers.

It is not the type of flea that determines what cat flea treatment to use but the species of pet. Most flea treatments for dogs are clearly tagged “for domestic dogs only” and further warnings are often included in the publicity saying the product should never be used on cats .

Permethrin is an example of why this warning subsists. Permethrins are effectual as flea control for firedogs but can be black to a big cat’s delicate metabolism . Some dog flea productions such as k9 Advantix warn against use on a domestic dog if the canine has tight contact with a CT in the home .

Some cats stomach from flea allergic reaction dermatitis and for these animate beings you need a product that quickly kills grownup fleas and then continues to disrupt the sprightliness stages of the flea to keep stinging . These products use an IGR (insect growth regulator) in combination with a product to kill adult fleas.

Cats with flea allergy dermatitis may have bare touches or reducing of the fur around the base of their tail and you can feel extrusions on the big cat when you positron emission tomography it. The humps are most often placed around the neck opening and behind the ears and are allergic reactions to flea bites the big cat has suffered . Untreated, computerized tomographies with flea allergy dermatitis may develop skin infections veterinarian lexington ky.

Over the counter productions like Itch Stop can ease the skin reaction and itching until the cat flea treatment takes effect and rids your feline protagonist of nasty fleas. Kittens less than 10-12 hebdomads old should not be cared for with topical flea drops. Instead, gently bathe the kitten with warm water and gentle dish soap such as Original Dawn or Off white Liquid. Rinsing thoroughly and use a fine saw toothed flea comb to remove any fleas or flea soil went forth on the computerized axial tomography . To keep the kitten flea free for a while, wash or treat the pet’s bedding when you bathe the beast .

Spot on products that claim to provide freedom from fleas for your big cat are often sold in dearie shops and discount stores at low leontyne prices . These products are not the same formulation as the poplar Advantage and Frontline Plus cat flea interventions and will not obviate fleas for more than a few clarence shepard day jr., if that. Buy a cat flea treatment production from a reputable deary medicine website . No ethical drug is required and prices are significantly less than buying through your local veteran ‘s berth .

veterinarian lexington ky

About the Author: Peter Tree is lunatic of voice over information science communications, he loves skype and fring, but likewise he loves write to site news of


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Values That Are Needed In A Successful Relationship Jan 28

Submitted by: GauriGauri Ganongti

Do opposites attract? May be! Do similar minds repel? Not necessarily! What is it then that makes a relation age like fine wine? Some would say it is an unknown connection, some would say it an unsaid understanding, some would say all the good adjectives there’re to say, while the rest would claim that it is due to the blessing from above. While it is true that every relation has every bit of what is said above – that is, you don’t know with whom you might connect, you might just look at some person and that person will know how deep your silence goes, and you might consider your relationship to be a blessing – it is possible for us humans to ruin anything, being corruptible that we are. Both Adam and Eve were an eternal blessing to each other, yet that eternity was lost due to carnality. It is for God to grant us that blessing and for us to receive and maintain it. Though God grants and humans receive, it is the maintenance part that seems to be tricky and difficult. Continue reading to know how to value a relationship.

Values in Relationships

With Little Things You Do

YouTube Preview Image

As the new ad campaign for Vodafone goes – Little things you do, for me, that nobody else, make me feel good – these very little things are the one that make us feel important, needed, and loved. Little things or gestures like – making breakfast for your parents or partner, just spending time with them, doing special things even on ordinary days and turning them into extraordinary, telling them you love them not just with words but in action, being there with them in their tough times and instead of giving much advice and solutions, sharing their pain and touching their wounds by your gentle and tender hand, being silent with them in their moment of despair and letting them know that you are there – can make your relation stronger that’ll stand the test of time and even mend those relations that are in the midst of a blizzard, and breathe life into them.

By Staying Honest and Committed

Being honest doesn’t simply mean being honest with the other person and telling him/her the truth about everything. It, in fact, means staying true to yourself, even when that person is not around. Only when such a position is reached can you actually claim to be true, faithful and committed. Don’t engage yourself in activities that you know will hurt your partner or loved one. Make promise to yourself to work on the things that you know need to be changed. Don’t tell them you smoke, tell them you have in the past and you’ll quit, and then make an effort to quit. Engaged or married, don’t flirt with other people (even if they started it). Don’t just say the words in vain, mean them, for they have the power to make or break, bend or mend relationships.

With Love

As described in the Bible – Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, and it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, and always perseveres. Love is the essence of every relationship, be it with your parents, children, spouse, and friends. A loving father always waits for his drifted son to come back to the family, and a loving mother always waits for her daughter to make the right decision regarding life

Value your relations, not earthly possessions. Only when you do so would you understand the true meaning of life. Live life king size, along with your queen, prince and princess and not with the crown and the gold coins

About the Author: Hello, I am Rick, I am a SEO expert, website designer and article writer. I am writing articles for nearly 2 years. My new interest is in website development. So come visit my latest website that is Download songs and videos for free,I hope you will enjoy my articles and the website. for more info log on to:-


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